Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation
Supporting children with cancer across Scotland

We are a Scottish Children’s Charity providing support for children with Cancer across Scotland. We know how important it is to live every moment of every day to the full and Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation is here to spread Abbie’s Sparkle to help brighten a child’s day #sparkle.


Abbie’s smile, sparkle and infectious enthusiasm lit up the room and that’s exactly how Abbie wants people to remember and celebrate her life. Abbie (15) passed away on Christmas Day, 2017, after living with Sarcoma a rare form of Cancer, for four years and four months. Christmas was Abbie’s favourite day, she loved it, we believe that Abbie held on and chose the sparkliest day of the year to go. It was the sense of humour and laugh-out-loud mentality, which set Abbie apart and meant she lived every moment to the full. Abbie was a vivacious and talented cheerleader who was hailed by medics as “incredible and a truly inspirational young women”. One of Abbie’s wishes is to raise money for “Hospitals and stuff” under the charity name Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation.


We give children​ Gifts​ and ​Grants​, or as we call them “Sparkles” assessed on an individual basis, dependant on need. We do this with the purpose of ….

  • Putting a smile on the face of a child undergoing challenges due to cancer.
  • Giving them even a small moment to feel happier.
  • Them knowing that someone is thinking of them and understanding that times are hard.
  • Giving a child a treat that perhaps the family, due to circumstances, can no longer afford.
  • Helping support children who are a way from home having treatment.
  • Helping families make special memories together.

We also wish to spread ​Awareness​ of Sarcoma and Childhood Cancer.

In order to respect families’ privacy and confidentiality, we don’t publicise stories or photos unless this is something the family wish us to do. Based on how Abbie conducted her life and how much she valued her privacy, we know this would be very important to her. We share all our Sparkle giving on Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation social media. We are as transparent as possible within the boundaries of this ethos. Our aim is to support families with minimal stress to them and with total respect for their circumstances.


Abbie’s Sparkles Gifted


  • Abbie's Sparkle Points of Light Awards

Abbie’s Sparkle “Points of Light Awards”

Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation are proud to announce we have received 2 Points of Light Awards from the Prime Minister. These awards …. “recognizes every week day an outstanding individual volunteer, charity leader or community champion [...]


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