Our Ambassadors

Jennie Cameron
This was our Special, Brave Abbie’s wish, let’s do her proud…more info

Helen Main
My name is Helen and I am Abbie’s very proud Granny…more info

Dave Allen
I am enormously honoured to be asked to be a trustee of Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation. Being part of something that brings any sort of sparkle in to anyone’s life is a privilege…more info

Kate McGarey
I feel privileged to be part of this amazing girls legacy…more info

christine ambassador abbies sparkle foundation

Christine Whitton
I believe this was Abbie’s reason for founding her charity as she knew just what it meant to have a special treat when life was dealing her a bum card…..more info

Hannah Retson, Ambassador, Abbies Sparkle

Hannah Retson
As an ambassador I want to spread Abbie’s sparkle and help others who want to live life to their full potential in whatever way that means for them……more info

Lauryn, Ambassador, Abbies Sparkle Foundation

Lauryn McWilliam
Helping children and families who are affected by cancer is a small part we can play to make their lives a little brighter……more info