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Our Ambassadors

Kylie Tatters
I care a lot about Abbies sparkle foundation because me and Abbie are best friends …more info

Tierney Main
I care so much about Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation and about helping to spread Abbie’s sparkle for such an amazing cause…more info

Jennie Cameron
This was our Special, Brave Abbie’s wish, let’s do her proud…more info

Helen Main
My name is Helen and I am Abbie’s very proud Granny…more info

Angela Jess
Abbie bravely faced all her challenges and taught us to be the best we can be no matter what …more info

David Mckenzie
I have had the privilige of witnessing Abbie’s sparkly personality and and keep her wish of helping other families affected by cancer…more info

Kate McGarey
I feel privileged to be part of this amazing girls legacy…more info

Jenny Stewart Abbies Sparkle Ambassador

Jenny Stewart
I fad the privilege to watch our sassy beautiful girl Abbie spread her cheer love and sparkles throughout the ASCD team…more info

Vicky Stuart Ambassador Abbies Sparkle

Vicky Stuart
The passion and love surrounding the charity is just unbelievably amazing and fantastic to be part of….more info