Digital Routes (Donated services for Website)
10 James Street, Lossiemouth IV31 6DD

Mansefield Hotel (Fundraising)
Mayne Road, Elgin IV30 INY

Johnston’s of Elgin (Fundraising/Collection Tins)
Elgin IV30 4AF

Gordon & MacPhail (Fundraising)
Boroughbriggs Road, Elgin IV30 1JY

Woodcentre (Abbie’s Sparkle Lodge/Donations)
19-20 Tyock Industrial Estate, Elgin IV30 IXY

Grierson Wealth Management (Fundraising/Grant Giving)
67 South Street, Elgin IV30 IJT

Dirty Laundry (Donate services for Abbie’s Sparkle Lodge)
Dalfaber Industrial Estate Unit 17-3 Aviemore PH22 1ST

Miltonside Motors (Donated services)

RAF Lossiemouth (Fundraising)
Muirton Road, Lossiemouth IV31 6SD

Springfield Bar (Fundraising/Collection Tin)
54 Glenmoray Drive, New Elgin IV30 6YA

No Profit Moray (Fundraising/Woodwork sales)

John Igesund (Fundraising/Planter sales)
Fencing Solutions, Tarves

Mckenzie News Agent (Fundraising/Collection Tin)
60 Glenmoray Drive, New Elgin IV30 6YA

Bijou (Fundraising/Collection Tins)
21 Batchen Street, Elgin IV30 IBH

The Laichmoray Hotel (Donated services)
Maisondieu Road, Elgin IV30 1QR

Streets Ahead Cleaning (Cleaning Abbie’s Sparkle Lodge)

Scribbles (Fundraising/Collection Tin & Merch)
High Street, Elgin

Moray Fire Protection (Donated Services and products)
34 Tyock Industrial Estate, Elgin IV30 1XY

All Stars & Stripes Cheer and Dance (Fundraising)

HUB Hairdressing (Fundraising/Collection Tin & Sparkle Bands)

Spynie Store & Post Office (Fundraising/Collection Tins)
27 Morriston Road Elgin IV30 4EB

Mandi Horny Coo Art (Fundraising/Donations)
Ordiquish, Fochabers

The Braemou Inn (Fundraising/Collection Tin)
1 Cooper Street, Hopeman IV30 5SD

Moray Leisure Centre (Fundraising/Collection Tin & Sparkle Bands)

Spey Valley Hire (Abbie’s Sparkle Lodge Grounds)
Unit 1 Dafaber Ind. Estate, Aviemore PH22 1ST

All Clear Pharmacy (Fundraising/Collection Tin)
High Street, Forres

IMO Car Wash (Fundraising/Collection Tin)

Beach Café (Fundraising/Collection Tin)

Fish & Things (Fundraising/Collection Tin)
4 Gallowhill Road, Fraserburgh AB43 9JU

Bejou by the Sea (Fundraising/Collection Tin)
Great Eastern Road, Buckie AB56 4DJ

Pozzis (Fundraising/Collection Tin)
8 High Street, Buckie AB56 1AQ

Be So Crafty (Fundraising/Collection Tin)
51 W Church Street, Buckie

Manna (Fundraising/Collection Tin)
5 Batchen Street, Elgin IV30 1BH

Shiro Hairdresser (Fundraising/Collection Tin)
20 Young Street, Hopeman

Signs and Design (Donated services)
1 Diagonal Road, Elgin IV30 6AH

Allure Clothing (Fundraising/Collection Tin & Sparkle Bands)
21 Batchen Street, Elgin IV30 1BH

Focus (Fundraising/Collection Tin)
172 High Street, Elgin IV30 1BD

LCTG (Fundraising/Raffles/Collection Tin)
12 Batchen Street, Elgin IV30 1BH

Dalraddy Holiday Park (Abbie’s Sparkle Lodge)

Dallas Designs (Fundraising/Collection Tin)

Littles the Jewellers (Fundraising/Collection Tin)
Commerce Street, Elgin

Culloden Hotel (Fundraising/Collection Tin)

Jade Andrew Studios (Fundraising/Collection Tins)
28 West Covsea Road, Elgin IV30 5QF

Callums Kitchen (Fundraising/Collection Tins)
Moray Sports Centre, Elgin