Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation

Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation values participating in the Youth Philanthropy Initiative with the pupils of Moray. We acknowledge that the process is a journey for everyone taking part, the winning money is fantastic but we believe the experience is also about what you can gain as a team and as individuals. We hope you are inspired by Abbie’s amazing story and that you can use it in your own lives as a strength to make a difference in any way that you can.

Aim of Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation

To raise funds to allow Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation to donate gifts or grants to children in the UK between the ages of 0-18, who are affected by cancer and bring a sparkle to their life

Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation achieved charity status on 12th March 2018.

Registered SCIO charity number SC048189 Regulated by OSCR

How do we connect with the families who need support?

  • We advertise Abbie’s charity on Social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and through our Website
  • We network with other local children’s cancer charities to ensure we reach as many children as possible. Sometimes referrals come through word of mouth.
  • We liaise with Children’s Services, particularly Oncology Services, in Inverness and Aberdeen (as these are the centres that local children would attend) to share information about how to apply for assistance
  • We will encourage families to apply for funding or a gift by using the application form on our website.
  • We will assess the applications on an individual basis, as long as the criteria are met.

What does Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation do? What is our Social Impact?

We give children​ Gifts​ and ​Grants​, or as we call them “Sparkles” assessed on an individual basis and dependant on need. We do this with the purpose of:

  • Putting a smile on the face of a child undergoing challenges due to cancer.
  • Giving them even a small moment to feel happier.
  • Them knowing that someone is thinking of them and understanding that times are hard.
  • Giving a child a treat that perhaps the family, due to circumstances, can no longer afford.
  • Helping support children who are a way from home having treatment.
  • Helping families make special memories together.
  • We also wish to spread ​Awareness​ of Sarcoma and Childhood Cancer.

We fund individual Gifts/Sparkles dependant on need and applied for by families or their Social Worker. (Please email us for up to date information on how many Sparkles Abbie has gifted, or see our Social Media posts).

We deliver Sparkle Bags every Easter and Christmas (Sparkle bags contain £100 voucher and treats) to the Children affected by Cancer in the Moray area, all Children in treatment in the Grampian and Highland areas and Sparkle bags (enough for every child on the ward) to the Children’s cancer ward in Glasgow. In early 2021 we extended these treats to include the Children”s Wards of Edinburgh and Dundee.

Who we have helped

All the local families who have applied and families in Shetland, all around the Highland and Grampian areas, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Stirling, Falkirk, Dumfriesshire and as far as Birmingham, Stafford and Liverpool.

Covid 19

How it has affected us

  • All of our 2020 events were cancelled due to the restrictions and fundraisers who had challenges booked were unable to complete them. This has continued into 2021. This unfortunately affected the amount of money we expected to raise and meant that we had to decrease the amount of funds we could allocate to each Sparkle.
  • As a charity we couldn’t meet face-to-face as a committee, so we arranged Zoom meetings instead. We decided to have these more regularly, initially every week, to check in on our Team and make sure everybody had someone to speak to. We called these Sparkle Fridays

How did we help at this extra difficult time?

We knew that the families with children affected by cancer would have to stay in strict isolation therefore for Easter 2020, we contacted the Specialist Nurses and committed to giving every child in treatment in Grampian and Highland a Sparkle gift of their choice up to the value of £250. Due to the working from home policy it was harder to get in touch with these families but we were able to arrange 42 Sparkle gifts around Easter time, to help put smiles on the faces of the children who were shielding. These were very much appreciated by the children and families who were trying to find ways to keep active and motivated while staying in doors.

Feedback from families:

The best way to know if we are having an impact is from the feedback from the families we have supported. We feel the parent’s own words are very powerful ….

A much needed break, can’t thank you guys enough for this, it’s just what we need”

amazing, he’s a very lucky boy” “utterly wonderful and kind”
“what you have done with Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation is amazing, thank you for thinking of us”

she was cheered up by a beautiful and generous gift” “Abbie’s Sparkle really made a difference”

A child asked his mum to write to us and tell us that he says thank you very much it cheered him up in hospital

We have been told that Abbie’s sparkle was lovely and very generous by a family from Aberdeen “he is getting his hickman line removed today and ringing his end of treatment bell later so he is just delighted to receive this very special gift today”

Oncology Nurse just been in with a Sparkle bag, she’s just delighted, she’s buying a trampoline with it” This family literally ordered it right away while their daughter was taken to theatre for an operation. They said “big thanks to Abbie”. They sent a picture of their children on the trampoline so we could see what Abbie did for their child for Easter. Their daughter said “awh tell Abbie I say thank you”

Wow what a night, he sends his love, hugs and a huge thanks, one of is best experiences ever”

We cannot thank you enough for your support, the grant will relieve some of the pressures from us with some of the money we will be able to do something nice as a family before his next lot of chemo”

this will really help us make special memories”
“cannot thank you enough” “what you do is wonderful”
“you’re doing amazing work”

overwhelmed by your kindness” “everything is such a worry but with amazing people like yourselves it gives you hope”

I honestly can’t tell you how much this means” “I think in her own wee way the Superheros make her feel like she can do anything”

You are all so fantastic, doing truly great things”

we have all been reading about your girl and your fabulous charity, we are genuinely touched by this gesture, truly you are being incredibly strong and honestly doing such a lovely wonderful thing, it is indeed a beautiful Sparkle from a beautiful brave girl”

Abbie’s Newest Venture

Abbie’s “Sparkle Lodge”

This is a 6-8 Berth Static Holiday Home at Dalraddy Holiday Park on Alvie Estate in Kincraig.. The lodge is used by families whose children are affected by Cancer. This means they could be in treatment, in remission or a bereaved family. There is a huge amount for the families to enjoy in Aviemore; there are also activities to take part in on the estate. If the families need a quieter time then they can enjoy the comfort of the holiday home, which is described as ‘stunning, true value for money, glamorous and a beautiful place to relax and unwind’. Three of those words have also been used to describe Abbie and we feel she would be proud to be able to provide this Sparkly treat for families facing the tough challenges that she endured herself. This venture will require continued funding in the way of annual fees, rent and upkeep. We will also work with local businesses and attractions to provide vouchers to allow families to use their facilities for free. Having this holiday home in Aviemore, for many many years to come will enable Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation to help hundreds of children and have a sustained social impact.

What would we spend £3000 on:

  • We could use this money to continue to fund Abbie’s Sparkle lodge to allow families to spend fun times together making magical memories. We require regular funds for –

Annual Fees

Annual Rates

Complete garden area surrounding Abbie’s Sparkle Lodge (Trees and flowers)

Cleaning and Laundry costs each changeover

Monthly running costs – for Gas and Electricity

Treats and Funded Activities for each family staying at the Lodge

  • We could also use this money towards the Christmas and Easter Sparkle bags for the Children in the Moray area.

Please email us for a break down of up to date costs of the above.

Please see Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation website for photos of Abbie’s Sparkle Lodge and our Annual Report which will have up to date quotes from families receiving a Sparkle.

How would this benefit children dealing with Cancer? What is our impact?

Children with Cancer can miss out on taking part in activities with their friends, they miss out on school, they miss out on their hobbies, and they often don’t feel well enough to pursue their usual activities. Parents may have to give up work, which has financial implications. To these children life is about living and making memories.

  • Going out encourages a social activity
  • It gives you time to enjoy a magical moment
  • Families can make special memories
  • An opportunity to laugh, promoting mental and emotional health
  • Not every parent/carer can afford to treat their children
  • Children can spend quality time with their families
  • An opportunity to feel sparkly!

For more information and tips on presenting from our previous experience with YPI please contact Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation via email at or 01343209143 (please note this is not manned at all times).

Thank you for reading, enjoy your YPI experience …. #Sparkle

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