Today our Amazing Abbie has spread her 100th Sparkle 🌟💖

Sparkle 99 is a Grant to support a child who is undergoing treatment in Glasgow for several weeks away from home 🏡
And Sparkle 100 is a Grant to a child who was only diagnosed a few weeks ago and has already started intensive treatment. Having a child who has to undergo cancer treatment is the unthinkable for most families …. and for this family the unthinkable has happened twice! They have already been on this extremely challenging journey with their older child! 😳 We hope both children can enjoy a few treats from Abbie 🌟💖
Childhood Cancer is not rare
Childhood Cancer can even happen twice in one family 🎗
Glow Gold September- childhood cancer awareness
Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group – CCLG
Sarcoma UK