Cameron Main
I will make sure that the charity is as successful as possible and that it becomes a very well-known charity in the UK, because Abbie wants her charity to be the best and nothing less….more info

Tammy Main
Charity Manager
I am so very proud to share Abbie’s story and her amazing, inspirational Sparkle all around the UK and the world … more info

Russell Main
Having Abbie as my daughter has made me the proudest dad in the world…more info

emma whitton

Emma Whitton
… …more info

Lauren Donald
Being part of this wonderful and inspiring charity makes me very grateful and honored everyday.
…more info

Angela Jess
Abbie bravely faced all her challenges and taught us to be the best we can be no matter what …more info

Dave Allen
I am enormously honoured to be asked to be a trustee of Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation. Being part of something that brings any sort of sparkle in to anyone’s life is a privilege…more info