Beautiful, Smiley, Sparkly Abbie has spread her 200th Sparkle ✨🌟💖
This is a gift of a weeks stay in a gorgeous cottage in Lossiemouth for a family of four. This family already have a child in remission and are going through Leukaemia treatment with their second child 🎗🎗hard to imagine for the average family 😳✨
They can enjoy a lovely break in Moray and be treated to some of the local food and activities. Even Sparklier is this also takes in a couple of birthdays … lots to organise 😉🌟✨
Well done Abbie we are so so proud of how you continue to help others …. 200 children and more work to do 🌟
Hoping to see Sparkle Lodge arrive this month and get to work preparing it for lots of Sparkles ✨✨✨✨
We would like to thank Donna and George from Wickie Cottage and Wickie House holiday lets for donating this stay to Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation, the support from our community means so much 🌟

#inspirationalAbbie 🌟

#sparkle 💖